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Global Connect Conference Details

The World-OKTA Global Connect Conference is an annual conference where upto 100 young Korean-American entrepreneurs gather over a three-day conference to obtain resources about international trade, entrepreneurship, and global networking.

Typically, participants include college students, graduate students, small business owners, and professionals in both the private and public sectors.

2017 is a specially exciting year to join our program because three World-OKTA chapters are joining together to host it in the west coast.

The Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Denver chapters will gather together in the world renowned USC campus to provide an insight to the grandness of World-OKTA and access to its extensive network.

  • Keynote speeches
  • Panel discussions
  • Breakaway sessions
  • Workshops/group exercises
  • Exclusive networking opportunities

all entrepreneurs, current and aspiring

from: Friday, 06/23, 8:00 AM
to: Sunday, 06/25, 5:00 pm

University of Southern California [Google Map]
King Hall  [open USC campus map] 1205 west 34th st. Los Angeles, CA 90089

Parking at
Jefferson Boulevard Structure
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Parking Permits: $12.00 per vehicle, per day, or prevailing rate, whichever is greater.
(Please arrange for Drop off or Pick up, Parking is not included)

How much:
$200 / Early Bird $150

June 15th / Early Bird June 3rd

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